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✳️ Pin Loaded Preacher Curl

Pin Loaded Preacher Curl
Pin Loaded Preacher Curl

✳️ Target Your Brachialis

Whether you perform the preacher curl with a dumbbell or barbell, standing or sitting, the target muscle of this exercise is the brachialis muscle, which is part of your lower biceps. The brachialis aids the flexion of your elbow.


✳️ Other Muscles Help Out

While preacher curls target your brachialis muscles, you can’t correctly perform this exercise without the help of some other muscles. The synergist muscles, which play an assisting role, include the biceps brachii and brachioradialis. The stabilizer muscles, which contract but otherwise have little to no movement, include your wrist flexors.

🔥 Triceps HIT Every Head 

👇 Use the Bench Dips to Build Massive Triceps

The triceps bench dip is one of the most effective exercises for triceps you can do. The beauty of this exercise is that it can be done virtually everywhere where you can find a bench, a chair or a desk.

The primary muscles that the bench dips work are the three heads of the triceps. Secondary muscles worked are the front delts, chest muscles as well as the lats.

Triceps HIT Every Head 
Triceps HIT Every Head

How to execute the triceps bench dip ?

  • Place two flat benches parallel to one another at a distance that is close to your leg length.
  • Sit on one of the benches and place your hands on the edge of the bench. Place your heels on the other bench.
  • Straighten your arms, slide your rear end off of the bench. This will be your starting position.


  • From this position, bend your arms and slowly lower your body to the point where you feel a stretch in your shoulders or chest.
  • Slowly push back up, squeezing through the triceps.

Exercise tips

  • Keep your elbows close to your body.
  • Try not to go too deep down to avoid unnecessary strain on the shoulder joints.

🔥 Exercises Forearms 

Exercises Forearms 
Exercises Forearms

🔥 Dumbbell wrist flexion

Dumbbell wrist flexion
Dumbbell wrist flexion

Benefits: Don’t be deceived by how easy this move sounds — this simple motion helps target and strengthen your wrist flexors, which are crucial in building grip strength.


  • Sit on the edge of a bench or chair holding a dumbbell in your right hand, and place your right forearm on your right thigh, with the back of your right wrist on top of your right kneecap.
  • Moving just your hand, slowly lower the dumbbell as far as you can, maintaining a tight grip throughout the movement.
  • Without lifting your arm off of your thigh, curl the dumbbell up toward your bicep, and slowly lower the dumbbell back to neutral.
  • Repeat to fatigue, then switch sides, performing equal reps on each.
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