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🚨Box Jumps Proper Form🚨

Jumping on the Box – is effective for increasing overall athleticism, but the big problem is that many people perform this exercise incorrectly.

Box Jumps Proper Form
Box Jumps Proper Form

To become even stronger, you need to become faster and develop explosive power and the fastest way to develop it is to perform jumps on the box.

Jumping is an excellent indicator of your explosive power, athleticism and relative strength, which is necessary for almost any kind of sport. And, yes, jumping will help you improve the composition of your body. The only problem is that they are advised to do too much and they are often performed with awful technique.

Improve your technique Box Jumps

Ineffective and erratic jumps are indicators of negligent technique. Therefore, strive for the following:

  • You should land on the full foot, but do not transfer weight to the toe or heel.
  • Knees should be in neutral position. They do not need to be bent neither in nor out.
  • The abdominal muscles are tense. Try not to round the spine.
  • Look slightly up, chest forward.
  • Once you have reached the highest point of the jump, stop instantly and fix your position, this will reduce the risk of damage.
  • If you jump higher than 50 centimeters, then put next one more box, slightly smaller than the one you jump on to so you can safely get off it. This will relieve the load from the Achilles tendons and prevent completely unnecessary injuries.
Box Jumps Proper Form
Box Jumps Proper Form
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