How to Do Correct The Classic Plank Exercises

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Correct The Classic Plank Exercises

The plank exercises
Classic Plank Tutorial


The classic straight plank is not just an exercise. This is a loyal assistant to any athlete who maintains muscle tone. The plank does not require special equipment or simulators, it can be performed both at home and outdoors or at work.

Working muscles in Classic Plank

Target: stomach and back muscles

The classic plank is a general strengthening exercise and will involve all the muscles of your body, as well as stretch most of the muscles of your body, thereby preparing your body for strength training. Various types of plank are aimed at increased load efficiency on a particular muscle group.

The classic plank is especially good for:

  • Abdominal muscles, especially straight and oblique. The press experiences a significant load, holding the body above the floor surface thereby maximally strengthens your abs.
  • The pectoral and deltoid muscles, providing a static position of the shoulders and maintaining balance during the plank.
  • Large, medium and small gluteal muscles, quadriceps, calf muscles are responsible for the position of the pelvis and legs.
  • The back muscles and the deep muscles of the back of the head support the body in an even, straightened position and are subject to major stresses.

How to do the right plank

The plank exercise is done from the handstand when your straight hands on the floor or your elbows, and the body is parallel to the floor. Try to observe the correct technique when performing the plank exercise, see the correctness of the exercise in the picture at the beginning of the article.

See also other options for implementing the plank exercises:


Plank Exercises
Click on the picture to see the new 30 Days Challenge Exercise Plank!

The plank technique consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Take a position as with classic push-ups;
  2. Spread your arms shoulder-width apart. The shoulders themselves should be relaxed;
  3. Smoothly align the body in a straight line so that it resembles a stretched string. The pelvis should be in line with the torso, without sagging down;
  4. Hold this position for the required amount of time, it will be from about 30 sex seconds to 3 minutes, depending on your experience;
  5. Breathe smoothly and deeply, do not hold your breath, look directly in front of you.
  6. Take a break and repeat the exercise.
Classic plank as a means of losing weight

A misconception common among beginner athletes says that any physical activity allows you to get rid of extra pounds.


Of course, this is not so – the effectiveness of losing weight directly depends on the amount of energy spent on the implementation of approaches. As the main exercise for losing weight, the classic plank on straight arms is almost not suitable, since the body is in a static position and consumes a small amount of energy. But the plank exercises allows you to get rid of sagging muscles and tighten muscles, as well as workout the muscles of the legs and buttocks, which will be a good basic exercise for further weight loss and strength training.

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