How to Do Six Pack in 30 days | Program Routine, Benefits

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How to Do Six Pack in 30 days for V Cut Body

Abs is the most popular muscle group in fitness, we will try to achieve results and get the Six Pack Abs in 30 days.

How to Do Six Pack in 30 days
Workout for V CUT Abs


Abs are the result of long workouts, pumping of the rectus and lateral abdominal muscles. At 9-13% fat content in the subcutaneous layer, tendon bridges are visible in athletes with athletic figures. The number of cubes depends on the anatomical features – 4-8 Cubes. To increase the tuberosity and volume of the muscles, the press is pumped by twisting and lifting heavy weights.

How to Training Abs in 30 days

Results can be achieved 6 Pack Abs with a properly designed training program, including:

  • Selection of exercises for burning fat;
  • Correct execution technique;
  • Compliance with the sports regime;
  • Frequency of classes.

Abs Workout Myths

Myth # 1 – The number of body lifts affects the result

In fact, you don’t need to do several hundred lifts to burn fat quickly. How much you need to pump the press to make the cubes appear is better to ask bodybuilders. Athletes know that exercise is beneficial if the total number of repetitions does not exceed 60 times (20 x3).

With repeated contractions of the abdominal muscles and rounding of the back, problems with posture will arise. In addition, Pumping weakly stimulates hypertrophy. If your goal is to develop abs endurance, then this method is acceptable.

Myth # 2 – Home Simulator Training

Do not trust the advertisements that insist on buying one of the many miracle machines to burn belly and side fat. Consumers spend about 207 million dollars annually on their purchase, but only people with athletic forms are not increasing.

Myth # 3 – Fasting Abs Drying

This is another misconception that stimulates weight gain. It is really possible to pump up the press to cubes if the muscles are not only properly trained but also adhere to proper nutrition, use amino acids, vitamins, and provide intensive blood supply.

If the body is limited in food, it will turn on the defense mechanism and go into survival mode, extracting resources not only from adipose tissue but also from muscle. At the same time, the rate of metabolic processes decreases.

After starvation, the body goes on to accumulate reserves, which is fraught with uncontrolled weight gain.


Myth # 4 – Taking Fat Burning Drugs

It is pointless to replace exercises for Six Pack Abs with pills that stimulate weight loss. They will thin the wallet, but not the Abs fat. Their principle of action is based on eliminating the consequences, not the cause. At best, they have a temporary effect, at worst, they seriously harm health.

How to build Abs at Home in 30 days

Intensive exercises and certain rules will help to make a relief belly. At the same time, individual characteristics should not be discarded. In some, at 15% of the volume of adipose tissue, the contour is already visible, in others it is noticeable only at 9%. In any case, the thickness of the fold should not exceed 1.5 cm. Based on these indicators, a weight loss strategy is built. This requires:

  • Load muscles thoroughly;
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake;
  • Switch to protein nutrition.

Benefits Abs Workout Training

The frequency of classes depends on the intensity of the loads. The more actively you pump your Abs muscles, the longer it takes for them to recover.

  1. If you are new to the sport or have recently suffered an injury, swing the top and bottom 12×4 cubes every other day.
  2. To get abs cubes you need maximum load and on secondary muscles.
  3. Combine moderate-intensity with medium reps to keep fit.
  4. To effectively build your Abs Six Pack in 30 Days, train 2-4 times a week, doing multiple sets and practicing supersets and tri-sets.
  5. Use additional weights whenever possible.

If your abs are less developed than other muscle groups, work with them at the beginning of your workout. At the peak of energy, it is easier to perform movements at the same pace and control biomechanics. With the contraction of the muscles Press, the efficiency increases many times. If your abs are well trained, do your lifts and twists at the end of your main workout.

Choose different techniques for the local workout of the rectus and oblique muscles. Even with two workouts a week, in each lesson, pump different zones of your abs, change exercises.

Top 5 Exercises to Build Six Pack Abs in 30 Days

The biggest secret is that you don’t have to overload yourself and do a lot of exercise. It is enough to spend 20 minutes a day in order to see in the mirror the long-awaited six pack cubes and the relief appearing on your press after 30 days.

It is important to carefully monitor your diet and rest. The main rule is that the slower you do, the better. And remember when you raising your core or legs is half a reps.

1. Twisting

Twist abs Workout
Twist abs Workout


  • Sit on the floor.
  • Tilt the body back slightly.
  • Raise your legs 15 centimeters.
  • Turn the body in different directions.
  • Twisting with raised legs with a turn.

Your legs should always look forward, and not swing with you. For the best effect, you can take extra weight in your hands.

2. Abs Legs Raises

Legs Ab Raises Workout
Legs Ab Raises Workout
  • Lie on the floor.
  • Place your hands next to your hips.
  • Raise your legs slowly to the top and just as slowly lower (without touching the floor).

Relax your arms, they should not act as a lever to lift. Try to transfer all the load to the press.

3. Classic Abs Crunches

Abs Crunches Workout
Abs Crunches Workout


  • Lie on the floor.
  • Bend your legs at the knees.
  • Fix your hands on your chest or put them on the back of your head.
  • Make a slight lift, until the lower back is torn off.
  • Make Doing crunches.

The exercise is easy, but there is no need to sacrifice technique because of this, do not rush, do a full twist and slowly lower yourself.

4. Abs Bicycle

Ab Bicycle Workout
Ab Bicycle Workout
  • Lie on the floor.
  • Raise your head.
  • Clasp your hands together at the back of your head.
  • Lift your legs by 15 centimeters.
  • Now, alternately bring your knee to your chest, touching it with the opposite elbow.

Legs and head should not touch the floor.

5. Mountain Climber

  • Take a lying position.
  • Bring the different knees to your chest alternately.

Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain Climber Six Pack Workout
Mountain Climber Six Pack Workout


You can do this exercise slowly, trying to pull your knees as far as possible. This will stretch the abdominal muscles more.

However, you can do with less amplitude, but fast. This is a good choice for those looking to lose some fat, as high mobility and intensity will contribute to this.

Exercise Program

Our Six Pack Workout will be directed more for home conditions, so that it can be performed by anyone who wants to and at any convenient time.

The main task is to maintain intensity. Unlike the hands, the abs cannot quack pump blood as quickly and get tired. However, we will be accompanied by a constant burning sensation in the abdomen.

However, we pump six pack in 30 days, if during training every day the abdominal muscles still hurt, it is recommended to take a day or two rest.

Our intensity lies in rest between exercises. We have it – 30 seconds. Take your time with your exercise, but don’t rest too long.

User Guide Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs Workout in 30 Days
User Guide Six Pack Abs

It is recommended to perform the exercise daily, preferably in the morning. Rest can be done on weekends or in the middle of the week, as long as 1-2 days. Only this is provided that you already have some kind of base, if you start from scratch, then train every other day. Keep a steady pace and follow your technique.


In fact, nutrition is a complex topic that has many subtleties. It all depends on your gender, physique, metabolism, age and health, so let’s go over this topic in a more abstract way.

The first thing to do is take a closer look at restricting carbohydrates. Baking, sweet water, other sweets, pasta, even fruits – these are all high-carbohydrate foods. Roughly speaking, carbohydrates are readily available energy. When you exercise, you get tired and everything that you recently ate is wasted to keep the body working. At the same time, fat is also energy. Therefore, in order to lose weight, you need to make sure that fat is spent on recovery.

You can eat various cereals in small amounts, but the main thing is meat, cottage cheese, eggs and vegetables.

Nutrition According to the Dietary Window Method

There is another interesting technique that, however, will be difficult to implement – the dietary window. For example, you woke up, had lunch at 12:00, then had a snack at 4:00 pm, and had a normal dinner at 7:00 pm. If you repeat all the same the next day, then from the last meal to the next you have 17 hours. This means that your workout before lunch will be much more effective. Usually they practice 16 hours of fasting.


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