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🚨 How To Do The Landmine Press

✅ Blow up your upper body with this angled barbell press

Landmine Press
✅ Landmine Press

🚨 Kneeling landmine press

✅ The motion involved in a landline press changes depending on how tall you are, because barbells don’t vary as much in their length as humans do in their height. If you are very tall the move is more like a flat or incline press than a vertical press.


✅ There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want a more vertical-style lift, drop onto one knee (on the same side as the arm you’re pressing with) and perform the press. You can also do a two-handed press with both knees on the floor.

Single-arm landmine press with rotation
Single-arm landmine press with rotation


🚨 Landmine shoulder-to-shoulder press

✅ Holding the barbell in both hands by one shoulder, with your feet level and shoulder-width apart, press the weight up and then bring it down to the opposite shoulder. This movement makes your core work harder to stabilise your upper body during the movement.

🚨 Single-arm landmine press with rotation


✅ Start in a single-arm landmine press position, in a split stance with the opposite leg forwards. At the start of the movement your weight should be over your rear leg. Press up, turn your body and lift your back heel so your weight shifts forwards onto your front foot. Then rotate back down as you lower the weight. This version recruits your legs more and is a good way to build power throughout the whole body.

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