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✅ First, let me define “man boobs” as having excess fat on your chest. It can sometimes be confused with gynocomastia which is a hormonal issue but that is not what I am addressing here. However, more often than not, people who think they have gyno just have excess fat around their chest.

Chest Workout Inner Chest

✅ The first mistake people usually make is trying to spot reduce fat around their chest by doing high rep chest training. You cannot choose where your body burns fat first. Doing high reps on chest exercises does not burn extra chest fat. Instead, you should work your chest 2-3 times a week with resistance training and focus on building your chest which in combination with losing fat, will improve the overall appearance of your chest over time.

✅ A second mistake is relying on fat burners and other supplements to burn the fat. There are no safe, legal supplements that will make any noticeable difference when it comes to your fat loss results. Instead, focus on a conservative caloric deficit with enough protein.

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✅ Lastly, results don’t happen overnight and you should not try to rush the process. Don’t overly restrict calories and don’t go crazy with the cardio. You should use cardio as a tool to burn additional calories to aid in fat loss but you should do it in addition to weight training. Like I said above, building chest muscle will help the appearance of your chest and most importantly, it takes time.

The Big Chest Workout
The Big Chest Workout


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