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Squats with a barbell on the shoulders

squatting technique In order to avoid the possibility of injury, it is recommended to perform this exercise using a squat rack. The height of its racks should be adjusted to its height.

To remove the barbell, you have to go under it and put your feet on the width of your shoulders. The bar should be placed on the shoulders closer to the rear surface of the deltoids and trapezius muscles. The neck is held firmly by the palms at an equal distance from its ends.

Before removing the barbell, it is necessary to raise the head and keep the abdominal muscles in tension. Before starting sit-ups, make sure your position is stable and the bar is balanced. While squatting, look straight ahead, keeping control over the weight and be sure to keep your back in a straight position, otherwise the risk of injury in the lower back increases.

How to grip the bar



On the picture in the bottom you can see the position of the bar in his hand. Brush should not bend, elbows should look parallel to the floor

How to grip the bar


Wrist position relative to the barbell:

  • The position of the hands depends on how far you will keep your hands from the body;
  • The angle in the elbows should be 45 degrees;


How to grip the bar

The more accurate the technique of grasping the bar on the shoulders, the less painful will be the performance of sit-ups, since the barbell will press not only on your shoulders but also on the wrist joints. Exercise correctly and avoid injuries!

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