🔥How to Incline Dumbbell Rows

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💥 Incline Dumbbell Rows

Incline Dumbbell Rows
Incline Dumbbell Rows

✅ Mine is the dumbbell row on an incline bench. I might stick with this for at least a year or so and just increase weight x reps and set.

🚨 Chest supported rowing exercises are great when your lower back is tired from other big compound movements like deadlifts, squats and Romanian deadlifts.

✅ Matter of fact, here are my top 3 back exercises:

1. Weighted parallel grip pullups
2. DB rows on an incline bench (vid above)
3. Lat pulldowns on a cable machine
4. Romanian deadlifts.


TIPS: establish a strong mind muscle connection, start the exercises by engaging the target muscles, pull with the elbows, and stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top.

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