How to Make a YouTube Video Popular in just 5 Minutes

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How to Make a YouTube Video Popular in just 5 Minutes

Instructions on how to Make a Video Popular and in Demand on YouTube

Creating a good video is quite difficult. But it’s much harder to get a lot of users to watch it on YouTube. Navneet Kaushal, founder and CEO of PageTraffic, discusses ways to get more views on YouTube.

What is YouTube? It’s 200,000 videos uploaded daily and 600 years to watch ALL the videos uploaded to the service. Add to that the number of videos viewed daily is 100 million and the number of registered users on the service is over 300 million. Kaushal sums it up by saying, “If you still think that YouTube can’t be an effective channel for engaging customers, think again.

Working on YouTube is a little more complicated than promoting on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. But it’s no big deal, for example, the service you can buy real views YouTube quickly and inexpensively, and immediately notice an increase in traffic to your channel.

Factors that Determine Video Ranking on YouTube

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Have you ever wondered what YouTube does when ranking videos in search results? Roughly the same thing that guides Google’s search rankings. We’ve separated YouTube’s ranking factors into two categories – local and standalone. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Internal factors

  • Relevant keywords: videos rank higher in search results if they are tagged with relevant keywords.
  • These include various video tutorials, master classes, reviews, tutorials, funny videos, and videos related to sports and fitness.
  • Video tags: Video tags should always include keywords.
  • Title: The right title of the video is also an important factor in determining the popularity of the YouTube video. It is recommended to put the keyword at the very beginning of the video title.
  • Title: Title is an indispensable element of any YouTube video and YouTube algorithm uses it to determine the content of the video.
  • Thumbnails: Previews or custom thumbnails about the video will also improve the impression of the video. The use of automatically generated YouTube thumbnails is not recommended.
  • Video text: YouTube uses video text to rank your video. Include targeted keywords.
  • Channel authority: The authority of existing channels on YouTube is built up by the number of views and the number of subscribers. In addition to working on these two factors, it is recommended to link to your YouTube channel from your site, which also increases “karma.

External factors

  • Number of video views: Of course, a high number of views improves your video’s ranking. Pay attention not only to the number of views, but also to how many people have watched the video to the end.
  • Comments: A lot of comments on videos is a guarantee your video will rank higher on YouTube. But remember, the service is very good at spotting spam comments.
  • Increase in the number of subscribers: Here it’s simple, if a person subscribes to your channel, it means that you make interesting and useful videos for the audience.
  • Sharing: Do people willingly share your videos on social media? Great, it shows their interest in your content.
  • “Add to favorites”: A significant factor for your channel are those people who not only like your videos but also put them on their “watch later” list.
  • Number of likes: On YouTube, they pay attention to the number of “thumbs up”-the “I like” signs. If there are more “likes,” your video will automatically rank higher in the search results.
  • Backlinks: Like Google, which counts external links for ranking a web page, YouTube also considers backlinks as a significant factor in a video’s ranking.

Tips for Boosting a Video’s Ranking in YouTube Searches

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Which is preferable, 500 views in the last 24 hours or 1,000 views in the last week? The dilemma, however, is solvable. If we look at the situation from an SEO point of view, 1000 views is more important to us. That’s how the video will be ranked above.

Number of views

How do you get the proverbial 1,000 or more views? For starters, put links to the video in all social networks in which you are present. Don’t limit yourself to VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter, you also need to engage platforms such as:

  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest.

Be sure to embed the video on your blog, as well as mention the video on your website. You can make a “secret ad” for the video either on the home page of your site or in the Q&A section. In the latter case, you can also use the Quora app.

If you have the opportunity to link to the video in an email, you should do this as well. A video will make a more effective email to your customers and, for example, subscribers to your corporate email newsletter, if you have one.

Optimize the video with appropriate keywords

The title and description of the video should definitely include keywords and phrases that are relevant to the content of the video.

The title should contain at least five words, with at least one keyword among them. It should appear at the beginning of the title.

The size of the description – 250 words, the keywords should be used in them 3-4 times, no more. It’s best to place keywords among the first 25 words of the video description. Of course, keywords should look natural and not look like spam.

Optimizing with tags

The ideal solution is 6-8 tags for your video. Key phrases should also be present in the tags, you can with slight modifications. All the tags should match the content of the video.

User feedback

Actively interact with users, ask them to rate and comment on the video after they watch it. At the end of the video, you can put a call to action that encourages users to comment. Such a move will also help boost your YouTube rankings.

Using YouTube Analytics

To evaluate the effectiveness of your video, use YouTube Analytics, which you can use to check the retention rate of your video. You can see how long viewers watched the video and at what point they stopped watching. These and other useful features will improve your video.

Navneet Kaushal believes that following the recommendations he listed will definitely help your video rank high in YouTube’s rankings. Kaushal reminds us that it is foolish to ignore the service, which is the third most popular website in the world and the second most popular search engine after Google.

Mutual promotion with other channels

Many bloggers use this format to promote their videos and share audiences of viewers with other bloggers. It’s enough to find a similar themed channel and offer it either a mutual exchange of annotations for your videos, or simply buy back from it the annotation of your video in its video. The most convenient way to do this is to use social networking advertising exchange EPICSTARS. All you need to do is register on the site, add your channel and ads to the system and choose a channel that will add your video to their favorites or pro-announce it for money in their videos. Bonus – with the help of this exchanger you can earn money by placing ads in your videos.

We analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how the YouTube search engine works. And what factors most affect the promotion of your videos.

Specifically, we looked for a correlation between factors such as views, comments and reposts and the position of the video in YouTube searches.

Here’s a summary of what we learned:

  • Comments are a pretty influential factor. We found that videos with more comments ranked higher.
  • Long videos significantly outperform short videos. The average length of a video on the first page of the results is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • We found that the number of views has a strong impact on the YouTube search position.
  • The number of reposts has a strong influence on getting on the first page of the search.
  • The number of channel subscribers does not have a strong impact on the overall score. This means that even small channels have a chance of making it to the top.
  • Likes have a strong impact on higher positions.
  • Videos that generate new subscriptions also score higher.
  • We found very little correlation between keyword-rich tags and video positions. This may suggest that YouTube can understand video content without the help of metadata.
  • Videos that have an exact mention of a keyword in the title have a slight advantage over those that don’t. This means that accurately placing the “keyword” will only help you marginally.
  • We found no effect on the positions of keyword-optimized video descriptions.
  • HD quality videos dominate over lower quality videos. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube are in HD quality.

How to make a viral video Unfortunately, there is no exact recipe. But still one thing is known – this kind of virus consists in the collision of classic advertising and advertising in order to involve the audience. The idea and its concept depends entirely on the person. If you do not combine these two factors – you get neither, but the usual funny video, which will not exceed 10 thousand views. Requirement is to keep the person watching the video in perpetual tension and bewilderment. Remember one secret: people are most interested in the beginning and the end. Therefore, the main questions of the video should be reflected in the first 10 seconds, and the answers in the last 20 seconds. That’s the end of the answer to the question “how to become popular on YouTube”. And there are a few more tips:

  1. Only high-quality video (in all plans) will attract its viewer; Don’t use an ancient camera, a phone that hasn’t been produced for a long time – no one wants to look at it. Competently promote your channel;
  2. There is no need to remind about it every hour – anchored posts on the wall of social networks is enough.
  3. Love what you do; If you are not happy with the result – change the environment until you are comfortable. Act like a star, but don’t get stuck up; You are the most popular, but just not many people realize it yet. Patience; It’s the only thing that can take you to a higher level.
  4. Expecting quick results in the short term usually leads to the closure of the entire project. Don’t be afraid to take pictures; you won’t get anything for it!
  5. Haters (haters) leave vicious comments purely because of the amount of free time; And you do not have a lot of it, you’re a star. So don’t pay any attention to them – keep growing!
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