How To Make A Wedding Videography Timeline

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How To Make A Wedding Videography Timeline

Wedding videography is one of the most important parts of any wedding as it records the happiest moments of our life and positive vibes.

Wedding Videography
Wedding Videography Timeline


Making A Wedding Videography

Videography is a complex process that requires a variety of steps. On this day, it is important to capture the morning of the bride and groom, wedding ceremony, and other events. Sometimes newlyweds order full-length films with subsequent editing and processing. However, short clips are also bright and interesting. By adding romantic music, you can get the original material that allows you to dive into the most pleasant atmosphere of this beautiful day. If you are looking for an experienced videographer, have a look at You can discuss the necessary timeline, scenes, and other aspects to create really high-quality material.

Choosing A Timeline

Choosing A Timeline
Choosing A Timeline


A videography timeline depends on the type of video you want to get. For example, it can be a Love Story that lasts for 3-6 minutes. It can be created for the show at the wedding or before it. The most common type is the film about the wedding, its duration is from 10 minutes to 2 hours. It features a full-length film about the events on the wedding day. If you want to include the biography of the bride and groom, photographs, archive home videos and photos and interviews with family and friends, opt for a biographical wedding film. It may last for 10 – 30 minutes.

How To Choose A Good Videographer?

Needless to say, that any of us wants to get a quality wedding video to enjoy it years and years ahead. When choosing a videographer, pay attention to the following details:

  • Portfolio and feedback. Firstly, look for the clips of a videographer to assess his or her creative potential. Trust yourself and your ideas about beauty. Check out the wedding forums where clients leave their feedback.
  • Personal attitude. Personal communication is very important. Don’t forget that you are going to spend your happiest day with videographer. Therefore, you need to immediately understand whether communication will be easy and natural.
  • Discuss the budget and other matters in advance. The more the customer explains to the videographer what kind of work he wants to see, the better the video will be. It is necessary to determine in advance what kind of video you want to get and consider the details including music, timeline, location, organizational issues, etc.
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