🚨How to Pull Ups vs Lat Pull | Guide

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🔥How to Pull Ups vs Lat Pull👇

✅ First of all pull-down are definitely more approachable and appealing to beginner/ intermediate gym goers. They require less skill and less strength than a pull up and are therefore less intimidating.


How to Pull Ups vs Lat Pull
How to Pull Ups vs Lat Pull

✅ Pull-downs therefore are an excellent alternative for those who are not strong enough to perform a pull up, and can be used to develop the strength to eventually be able to master one.

🔥 Pull-downs offer more control as you can use a weight that you can manage with good form. This allows you to get a really good stretch and squeeze on the lats. It also allows you to perform high repetition sets and drop sets with ease.


However the drawbacks are that a lot of people struggle with the form of a pull down and therefore end up stalling with their progress. Support muscles are also not activated that much. The lat machine is also a highly used piece of equipment, so getting on it at peak times might be harder than lifting Thor’s hammer.

  • 🚨 Pull ups offer many advantages over pull downs. They require more overall body control as it is a more skilled movement. There is also far more activation of support muscles along with the core.
  • 🚨 Pull-ups not only display great strength, making you feel like Batman. They also will greatly help develop strength providing enormous stress to the lats, resulting in growth!
Pull Ups vs Lat Pull
Pull Ups vs Lat Pull


✅ However pull ups are bloody hard to do! Few have the strength to do them for repetitions which puts many people off. Developing the pull up takes time and requires a well structured programme to help you get there.


✅ Advice would be that if you can, then do both. Pull ups when you are fresh, at the start of the session. If you cannot do one then try doing them assisted using bands or if you are lucky, using an assisted pull up machine. Vary the grips to target different areas of the back

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