How to pump your back correctly

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Back training for weight is the main rule of muscle growth and a description of the six best exercises. All about how a beginner learn how to properly swing the back muscles.

Back training.


Training the back muscles is extremely important for the formation of a sports figure, because it is the musculature of the back that is the largest muscle group of the body. Developed the broadest muscles make the physique powerful and manly, and the pumped trapeziums give the body a massiveness.

However, the back is one of the most difficult zones for training – often it just “does not grow.” The problem is that beginners do not know how to feel the muscles of the back in work, wrongly pulling the belt and pulling, while overloading the back with unnecessary exercises.

Anatomy of the back muscles.

The musculature of the back is divided into three segments: the trapezius muscles (the upper back), the broadest muscles (middle) and the straightening muscles (bottom). Training trapezius muscles gives the back massiveness, the widest – width, and the development of muscle-rectifiers strengthens the lower lumbar and the body.

The best exercises for the back are vertical and horizontal traction (pull-ups, thrust of the upper sitting block, pull rod in the slope) and exercises for trapezoids (primarily, shrags). In addition, for the development of the back, such basic exercises as the deadlift and the standing pushing up of the barbell are important.

Training program for back.

The following training program for the development of back muscles is based on combining exercises for the development of the widest and trapezius muscles, as well as on the exercise for the development of the lower back. It is important to remember that you can train your back no more than twice a week.

barbell pull to the belt or draft of the dumbbells in the slope – 2 sets of 5-7 repetitions
Shagi with dumbbells or with a bar – 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions
Traction of the upper block to the chest OR pull-ups – 2 sets of 5-7 repetitions
Reverse dilutions on the block – 2 sets of 10-12 replicates
Hyperextension OR “Flying Superman” – 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions

The best exercises on the back.

back exercises


Various options for doing back exercises!

back exercises

barell bent over row.

Exercise is one of the five basic exercises for muscle mass. The body at runtime is tilted at 45 degrees to the horizon, the back is straight, the press is tense, the knees are slightly bent. At the top of the movement, the elbows should go as high as possible.


Pulling up.

Beginners are advised to start pulling with a variation that implies a narrow setting of the hands and a parallel arrangement of the palms – this will simplify and facilitate the exercise by shifting some of the load from the broadest muscles to the muscles of the biceps and triceps.

Сorrect exercises: pull-up

Shrdaghi with a barbell.

It is important to remember that the wrong technique of doing shags does more harm than good. The weight in the exercise should be average, the amplitude of motion – the maximum. Additional shoulder movements (back leads and others) are not recommended.



Performing on the fit-ole will allow to concentrate on the isolated involvement of the extensor muscles in the work, and also will not allow unnatural back strain – a typical mistake of the beginner in the conventional hyperextension simulator.


How to train your back correctly?

To train your back on mass, you must follow the basic rules of hypertrophy for muscle growth. First, it is important to learn to perform correctly two or three basic exercises on your back, and then weekly increase the working weight in these exercises, performing a low number of repetitions.

Back muscles training – the main rules.

The more the amplitude of the back movement and the more they are reduced and diluted to the sides in different planes, the more effect the exercise gives, ensuring maximum involvement of the back musculature in the work. The width of the grip is important, but only secondary.

First, a mental contact is built between the muscles and the brain, which makes it possible to perform the exercise precisely due to the musculature of the back – only then does the working weight increase. It is the use of excessively heavy weight does not allow beginners to learn to feel the back and does not allow it to grow.

Muscles of the back are the largest muscle group of the body.


They are responsible for the formation of the sports silhouette – developed trapeziums make the top of the figure powerful, and the worked out the broadest muscles make the physique massive and manly.

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