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🚨 Shoulder days are incomplete without lateral raises. It’s a staple after shoulder pressing exercise. There is no doubt this exercise deserves to be a staple because of its key contributions to building that 3D shoulderlook.


🚨 Here is why lateral raises with a cable is a better option
Performing lateral raises with a cable pulley is always the smart choice as you can maintain continuous tension over the muscle both in the eccentric and concentric phase. On the other hand, when we perform lateral raises with dumbbells, the tension over the medial deltoids is almost nil at the starting point or at the ending point of the eccentric phase.


Shoulder exercises
Shoulder exercises

🚨 What Is The Benefit Of Continuous Tension?
While we train any muscle, we put mechanical tension over muscle fibers that leads to micro traumas aka muscle breakdown. These micro traumas then go into a repair and recovery process, and it leads to muscle strengthening and hypertrophy. Therefore, more the tension on the muscles, the higher will be the breakdown. Hence, it works best when muscle growth is supported by correct nutrition and sleep.

Back Exercises
Back Exercises

Training back can be really tricky. If you want a thick and wide back, how you obtain these two qualities isn’t necessarily the same. Let’s separate what works best for each and then add a combo option as well.


📌For width: Most vertical pulling movements (weighted pull-ups with a neutral grip) are what you’re looking for to obtain a wide look. Here’s the trick – focus on both ends of the movement. Focus on both the stretch at the bottom and the peak contraction at the top, rather than just going through the motions. The stretch is invaluable in this particular group of exercises.

📌For thickness and density: Do rack deadlifts just over the knee with snatch grip; bentover barbell rows with various grips and widths; and old school T-bar rows. Combine these exercises in a giant set, and for a third exercise add a flushing exercise at the end like pullovers. “source author – Amit Sapir”

📌Important note:
Your back is made up of many important muscles, not just your latissimus dorsi (lats) and rear delts. Your lower traps are important for proper movement and overall health, so be sure to strength train them just like any other muscle


🚨 Leg day – you adore it or you hate it.

It entails a number of the extra advanced actions within the health club, however there are numerous completely different workouts you’ll be able to carry out and in loads of alternative ways to boost and develop your legs; one of many greatest and most tough muscle teams to work on.

Folks typically underestimate what number of muscular tissues really have to be educated so as to obtain a fascinating, balanced physique, and work on the belief that simply coaching the quads will help their objectives of packing on the mass (if leg day isn’t skipped altogether…)

Leg Exercises
Leg Exercises


🚨 Barbell Again Squats

One of many extra conventional. common multi-joint actions.

Primary muscular tissues used: Quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, decrease again

🚨 Beginning place:


✓ Head over to the squat rack, positioning the bar on the rack slightly below shoulder degree – with the bar positioned to balanced between your traps.

✓ Focus on straightening your torso earlier than utilizing each arms to take away from the rack, powering by your legs.

👇 Step-by-step


a) Transfer away from the bar, place ft simply shy of shoulder width aside – keep a straight torso, level ft barely outwards and maintain head up straight.

b) While protecting a straight posture and head up straight, inhale and start to bend the hips and knees to decrease the bar till you attain a a 90-degree angle (knees shouldn’t be previous toes)

c) Exhale and push by the ground together with your heel and start to straight the legs, elevating the bar.

d) Return to beginning place and instantly repeat.


Carry out this train as a ‘Hypertrophy’ train to essentially really feel the burn in your legs:

5 reps – 20 sec relaxation – three reps – 20 sec relaxation – 2 reps

End off with 1 minute relaxation after the ultimate two. If you happen to’re feeling assured sufficient, you’ll be able to bear this coaching for the 4 units of the squats!

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