🔥How to Push/ Pull/ Legs Split👇 for Beginners

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🚨 Push/ Pull/ Legs Split for Beginners

Push/ Pull/ Legs Split
Push/ Pull/ Legs Split

🔥 Splitting your workouts into a Push/ pull/ legs split is a great option as it takes into account of how your body actually moves. This is a an effective option for many. However many beginners struggle with how to go about splitting it up. Don’t fear, I’ve got your covered. Here are three workouts for you to try in this split. (Swipe across).


1️⃣ Push (upper body) involves upper body pushing movements. Typically involving the chest, shoulders and triceps.

2️⃣ Pull (upper body) involves upper body pulling movements. Typically involving muscles of the back, the rear delts and biceps.


3️⃣ Leg workouts involves lower body movements, involving muscles of the legs. The quads, hamstrings, glutes and calfs.

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