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❌INCORRECT: Very common to see people perform these with incorrect form and it’s easy even for the best of us to let the form slip when we start trying to bump weight up too much and too fast!

3 Things to Avoid:
☑️Uncontrolled Movement- throwing your shoulders forward and backward to assist with the row is only taking away from targeting your your back muscles.
☑️Neck Hyperextended- neck goes forward and backwards, back and forth throughout the exercise as a result of the uncontrolled movement. This breaks alignment of the spine and is very dangerous.
☑️Lumbar Rounded- not my shoulders roll forward and spine become rounded. Again, this position breaks alignment of the spine and puts you in risky position.


✅CORRECT: The same form you started with on your first warm-up set should look very similar to the form of your last and heaviest set. Focusing on slow and controlled movement with core engaged, and emphasizes contraction of the back muscles.



3 Things to Include:
☑️Slow and Controlled- focusing on using only the back muscles to lift the weight and controlling the weight back down for a 2-3 second negative.
☑️Neutral Spine- your body should maintain complete alignment as you focus on pulling the weight with your back muscles.
☑️Hinged Hips- As I stretch arms forward, my hips move on a hinge to maintain spine alignment while stretching the lats fully.


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