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🚨The correct technique for Barbell Curl, Grip options and common mistakes

barbell curl workout


Сontent of the Article:
  1. About bicep
  2. Technique and exercise biceps
  3. Barbell curl direct grip
  4. Grip problems
  5. Cheating

Barbell Curl – The main exercise for the development of strength and volume of the flexors of the arm. In terms of effectiveness in terms of working out the hands, it can be compared with a bench press for the pectoral muscles.

About bicep size

Agree, pump biceps look much better than not having it. The shape and size of the biceps muscle are determined by many factors: genetics, physical activity, additional power training.

With the help of training, we can dry our hands so that the biceps muscles become more prominent. We can also increase its volume due to correctly performed exercises and create more massive hands.

Based on its name, hand flexors provide movements aimed at bending the arm at the elbow. Another function of the biceps is the triceps antagonist. Triceps and biceps between themselves are in some kind of balance, so that the hands do not change position sharply due to minor swing back and forth.

In the formation of arm volume, biceps does not play a primary role. For the most part, this is the merit of triceps (it is he who creates 70% of the volume of the arm). Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid to both muscles. Pump biceps 1-2 a week, and in no case forget about triceps (do french bench press, triceps extension, and other exercises for them). To forget about pumping the flexors and doing one bench press is also not an option.

And now let’s find out how to pump biceps with a barbell.

Technique and exercise biceps guide

Barbell curl for biceps are usually performed do is standing. And here it’s not even about efficiency. The fact is that barbell curl to the biceps while sitting narrow or with any other grip is not a very confortable. And this variant is suitable is only for working on Scott’s bench.


Barbell curl direct grip

Exercise for biceps with a barbell can be performed in several versions of the grip: direct and reverse, wide and narrow. Direct grip is aimed at developing not only the biceps, but also the muscles of the forearm (a narrow grip is not used at the same time). If you have ever tried such a grip, remember that the weights on the barbell were less than when using the reverse grip.

Barbell Curl Exercises
Barbell Curl Exercises


☑️ Standing barbell curl correctly is done as follows:

  1. You can put the barbell on the racks for the bar, lowering them as far down as possible, you can put it on a horizontal bench. Taking it from the floor and lowering it in between sets will be uncomfortable.
  2. Theoretically, you can do curl EZ bar for biceps, but in this case it is better to take a straight bar. In general, it is believed that a curved barbell is less traumatic for the flexors of the hands, but this is more likely for the reverse narrow grip. So, we take the bar and get ready for the warm-up approach.
  3. It is very important to take the correct pose: legs shoulder-width apart, elbows pressed to the body, shoulders straightened, and the pelvis laid back. For better support and elimination of unnecessary movements, we recommend that you stand with your back to the wall, and even better – to the frame of the Smith simulator.
  4. We take the barbell with a direct grip on the natural width of the shoulders (that is, the arms are parallel to each other).
  5. Trying not to curl the wrists, we raise the bar with the force of the biceps to the maximum possible height (to the chest).
  6. We do 10-15 warm-up repetitions. If you took an Olympic barbell weighing 20 kg, it may be too heavy for you. If you are a beginner – do not look at others, do not envy the number of disk on their bar. Time and patience will lead you to a similar result.

Elbows do not need to be take away back. They are located so that the shoulder is oriented strictly down to the floor.


When a person takes too much weight, it does not matter with a narrow or wide grip, he throws it with the help of movements of the legs, pelvis, body. Then at the top point it is intercepted by the muscles of the hands and lowered back. As a rule, the weight simply falls to the starting position, since the student does not have enough strength to make the movement smoothly.

Therefore, cheating will not lead to a result in terms of muscle growth. Perhaps a one-time lift will be performed with an impressive weight.


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