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Thrust on the upper block to the chest for back and shoulder training!

What muscles are involved with Pull down 

First of all, the wings are well-pumped wide muscles of the back, they are very important for the operation of the shoulder joint. It is they that help to pull-up, and moreover, only by successfully pumping the wings can you achieve the classic male physique of the reverse triangle. In addition to the so-called wings, this exercise also pumps a large round muscle of the back, biceps and shoulders. We will focus more on the back, since to pump this part much less exercises than for training hands.


Much better Pull down


Correct execution Pull down on the chest 

  • Sit on the simulator, under the support roller, secure your legs well, grasp the handle.
  • Straightening your back, on exhalation, start pulling the handle in your chest.
  • At the bottom, pause and go back to the starting position.
  • Do 3-4 approaches, 10-15 times. Weight you choose individually.

Much better Pull down


What do you need to remember?


  • Before you start the traction exercise, stretch the muscles slightly. Holding the handle, do not jerk, pull slightly downwards without sharp jerks, and then relax pull up.
  • For a full-fledged reduction of the wings, it is necessary to bend the back (chest forward, buttocks back)
  • Do not throw the hilt to the end! Firstly, you do not maintain tension, and secondly, it is very traumatic. At the top point, the muscles should be in a stretched state, it will be well felt.
  • Be sure to pull on the handle, take a short pause, the so-called “peak reduction”.
  • Exhale, when you lower the handle down, returning to its original position, inhale.
  • Thrust is performed exclusively to the chest, and not to the stomach, or for example just down.

Implementation Options Pull down

It is necessary to find a balance so that it is more harmonious in all aspects. Try different options, both narrow and wide, as well as try the option when the arms are shoulder-width-this is considered the most optimal option.

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