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Today we will train the buttocks with the help of Single Leg Glute Activation

How to Single Leg Glute Activation



Single Leg Glute – is the ability to effectively work the thigh and its inner part. Very many women complain that there are very few female exercises in bodybuilding. But it’s worth knowing that bodybuilding is not divided into female and male.
Most often, all exercises are designed for both sexes.
Single Leg Glute in the simulator or using a rubber band gym many girls consider female, and therefore among the female exercises it is popular. This exercise is suitable not only for girls, but also for beginners. Can work the thigh without affecting the quadriceps and prepare the body for more complex loads.

Single Leg Glute – can be performed with the help of a crossover or rubber band gym , this training is that you pull using the leg of the cable of the block that is located at the bottom.

Technique of execution Single Leg Glute


  1. The starting position will depend on the variant of execution
  2. Hands grasp the supports or stand in a standing position with your hands in the bench. The loin should be in a natural deflection.
  3. The working leg should be slightly bent at the knee. Take back the working leg off with the help of the muscles of the buttocks. This is a very important point of technology and it should be carefully follow.
  4. The leg should be slightly bent at the knee joint, it should be straightened only at the end point, this will help make the effort better. At the top point, pause for a few minutes and return to the starting position.


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