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Triceps Overhead Extension

Triceps is considered a small muscle group, train it twice a week, no more. The number of repetitions varies from 8 to 12. Between the approaches should rest from 60 to 90 seconds. Everything depends on the specific purpose of the training.


Triceps Overhead Extension –  must necessarily be combined with others. Always observe the progression of loads, only then your muscles will be actively strengthened. But increase the weight gently. If you can not do an exercise with a dumbbell without a cheating, then choose a smaller weight.

How to Triceps Overhead Extension
How to Triceps Overhead Extension



Technique of execution Triceps Overhead Extension

This exercise is performed while standing. In this position, the back is slightly loaded, so it is better for beginners to perform an extension sitting.

  • With both hands, grasp the dumbbell, the bar must be clasped with the thumb;
  • Become straight, a dumbbell above your head;
  • Hands bend at the elbows, the projectile moves behind the head;
  • Stretch the triceps, then return to the original position; repeat the approach as much as your training program requires
Avoid: Triceps Overhead Extension
Avoid: Triceps Overhead Extension


4 Common Mistakes Every beginner in the gym with a Triceps Overhead Extension errors:

  1. The hands deviate from the vertical position. To avoid this, hold your hand for the triceps.
  2. The back is curved or the loin arches. Stand near at the mirror and watch closely the position of the body.
  3. Work with huge weights. In pursuit of large muscles, beginners take too heavy dumbbells. Because of this, the technique of doing the exercise is violated.
  4. Weights go up or down with jerks, swings, body shocks. This should not be allowed in any case. This approach is seriously injured.


Focus on: Triceps Overhead Extension
Focus on: Triceps Overhead Extension
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