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🔥 Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell Rows – the basic system-forming exercise for the development of the thickness of the back.

How to Dumbbell Rows
How to Dumbbell Rows



Benefits Dumbbell Rows

The main distinguishing features of traction dumbbells in the slope can be attributed:

  • Good load and safety of injury

Exercise with free weight involves a large muscular massif of the upper body. It is similar to barbell Rows, however, during dumbbell Rows, a smaller load on the spine is created, which makes it a safer option for those with back problems (injuries).

  • Massive back without any simulators

Traction in the slope can achieve impressive size and V-shaped back, without resorting to insulating simulators. Therefore, they can be used as home training exercises to strengthen and develop the back.

  • Variation and study of the back

Because The weights used are loose, and there is no rigid binding to the simulators, the thrust can be drawn from different positions and at different angles. So the muscles of the back will develop throughout the array and in full.

  • Comprehensive exercise

In addition to targeting the muscles of the back, the dumbbell traction in the slope also strengthens the lower back, improves posture and allows you to get rid of rounded shoulders.


Avoid: Dumbbell Rows
Avoid: Dumbbell Rows


Technique of execution Dumbbell Rows


At first glance, the exercise may seem from a series of “lightness”, they say, pull yourself and pull, but it’s not so. For the spin to be pumped, it is necessary to strictly observe the technique and follow clear step-by-step instructions.

Step # 1.

Take the dumbbell with a comfortable handle width. Approach the horizontal bench. Straddle your right leg (knee and drumstick) to the end of the bench so that the foot hangs slightly. Take the dumbbell in the left hand (neutral grip). Tilt the body forward (to the parallel with the floor) and lean your right hand in front of you. The back is flat, the right arm and leg are on the bench, in the left hand the dumbbell is in an extended position, the left leg is near the bench and slightly behind its end. This is the initial starting position.

Step # 2.

Start slowly pulling the dumbbell up and slightly backwards (to the bottom of the abdomen), while keeping the arm close to the body. Bring the dumbbell to the bottom of the abdomen, leaving the body in a stationary position and exhale. Concentrate on contracting the muscles of the back / shoulder blades as soon as you reach the full contraction.

Step # 3.

Lower the dumbbell straight down to the starting position. Inhale as soon as you complete this step. Repeat the specified number of times. Go to the other side and repeat for the right hand.



Focus on: Dumbbell Rows
Focus on: Dumbbell Rows
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