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Weighted In and Outs Proper Form

The abdominal muscles – are a very important part of the body, which takes part in many everyday activities. Moreover, these muscles are involved in all sports. For this reason, no footballer, hockey player and tennis player misses the training of the abdomen. Many of them perform lifting of the legs sitting or an exercise called “Weighted In and Outs”. “Weighted In and Outs” allows the athlete to qualitatively work out all the muscles of the abdominal press. This exercise is so effective that it is recommended to be self-sufficient to improve the relief and gain the mass on this part of the body.

Weighted In and Outs
How to Weighted In and Outs



The main load in this exercise is the vertebral column of the lumbar muscle, as well as the rectus abdominis muscle. The maximum stretching is achieved at the moment when the athlete lowers his legs, and the maximum contraction – while pulling the legs to the chest.

Raising the legs of the legs refers to the exercises of medium complexity, so before it is performed, it is necessary to strain the press with standard straight twists. They will help beginners prepare their body for a new exercise.

The right technique Weighted In and Outs

  • For the exercise “Weighted In and Outs” you need a stable bench. You need to sit on it, then lift your legs slightly. They should always be in front of the athlete in the air. Legs slightly bend at the knees.


Bad Form Weighted In and Outs
Bad Form Weighted In and Outs
  • You should deflect the body 45 degrees back relative to the bench. The hands are on the bench behind him. So the formation of the initial position is completed.
  • After exhaling, the athlete pulls his knees to his chest, bending his legs in the joints, and then lifting the body towards them to meet them.


Good Form Weighted In and Outs
Good Form Weighted In and Outs


  • A small pause is maintained, after which the athlete can again move to the starting position.

To maximally work out the muscles of the press, you must deviate as far as possible back. This action will increase the amplitude of the exercise, which has a positive effect on the results, also exercises can be done with the weight, fixing it between the feet.

Perform 3-4 sets of 25-30 repetitions in each of them

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