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🔥 How to Bent Over Row Variation Proper Form


✅ For the exercise Bent Over Row, you will need a barbell set in the simulator. Load the barbell from two sides, choose not too much weight for the beginning to determine what weight for you will be the maximum permissible, this will make the exercises not traumatic.

How to Bent Over Row Variation Proper Form
How to Bent Over Row Variation Proper Form



Technique of execution Bent Over Row Variation Proper Form

  • Starting position: Stand in such a way that the bar is between your legs. Lean forward, keeping your back straight, slightly bend your knees. Around the barbell for its retention use a rope for traction or T shaped handle. Slightly straighten out so that the weight comes off the floor
  • Smoothly pull the weight to the body until the barbell is slightly above the knees. Keep the elbows close to the body. Hold for a moment in this position. Feel the contraction of the back muscles. Then smoothly lower the weight to its original position, feeling the stretching in the widest back muscles. Straighten your hands to the end. Do not put the bar on the floor and immediately pull the weight up again. Do the desired number of repetitions.


Bad Form - Bent Over Row Variation
Bad Form – Bent Over Row Variation
  • Take care not to slouch and do not help yourself too much, straightening your back. That is, the angle of inclination of your body should not change. If in order to complete the approach you have to help your back, then the weight is too large.
  • Exercise has a short trajectory, but over time it allows you to perform it with a very significant weight. For example, a weight of 80 kg – this is not such a big weight for this exercise.


Good Form - Bent Over Row Variation
Good Form – Bent Over Row Variation


In addition to the widest muscles, the exercise develops the back rectifiers, buttocks, hamstrings, trapezius muscles, biceps and forearm muscles.

It is believed that lever traction works best on the outer parts of the widest back muscles.

Breath: when pulling weight to yourself – exhale, while lowering – inhale.

Variations of the exercise Bent Over Row:

You can use the special trainer with the T-Bar row, which is designed for this exercise.

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