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🔥 Legs press – is an exercise used in bodybuilding where the person performing it squeezes weight out of the leg effort. Thanks to the training apparatus for leg presses, it is possible to work out the leg muscles with considerably larger scales. In addition, unlike squats, the feet do not overload the legs with their feet.

The Legs press affects the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, and the biceps of the thigh also has a significant load.


There are several types of simulators, depending on the angle of inclination, under which the weight moves, but they all have about the same efficiency.

Legs press


Technique of execution Legs press

  1. In the initial position, the feet are placed on the width of the shoulders on the platform, slightly unfolded outwards.
  2. Seated on the seat, the platform is squeezed upside down, with the legs in the knee joint not completely straightened, then the latch lever is lowered.
  3. Then the legs bend in the knees. The platform slowly sinks down, in the final position of the leg in the knees should form a right angle, the knees almost rest against the chest.
  4. The waist should always touch the seat, so you can not bend your legs at an acute angle so that the load on the lower back does not increase and there is no risk of injury.
  5. The legs in the knees do not straighten out to the end, as this forces the knees to bend in the opposite direction and reduces the load on the quadriceps at the upper point of the movement.
  6. To study the inner surface of the thigh the feet are bred more to the sides.



We examined one exercise variant from the Legs Day, look at the video below, more options in action




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