Kinetics Training the Obliques

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Kinetics Training the Obliques

First – a couple of words about anatomy, for those who are just beginning their sporting way and do not have any information. Remember that in the abdomen we have:

  • Straight muscles – represent a large group of muscles from the ribs to the pubis.
  • Skew muscles – are internal and external. Internal oblique muscles can not be seen. For shaping the silhouette meet the outer – they can be clearly seen on the bodies of professional bodybuilders – they “girdle” the waist from the sternum to the bottom of the abdomen.
  • The transverse muscles lie deep, directly under the straight and oblique, and represent a unique belt around the waist.
Kinetics Training the Obliques
Kinetics Training the Obliques


Let’s consider such an exercise on Training the Obliques

Body up or twist. Simple and effective exercise for the internal muscles and their Obliques muscles. To do this, you need to bench and partner. It is necessary to lie down on the bench by one foot and send the partner to held the feet. Hands at this time are put for the head and are clinging to the neck. The goal is to stretch the oblique abdominal muscles slightly curling upward. Rotate the engine slowly 30 reps, then relax, and then make another 2 approach

Training the Obliques
Training the Obliques
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