Lat Pull Down: Close & Wide grip


🔥Lat Pull Down: Close & Wide grip

❎Lat Pull Down: Close & Wide grip
❎Lat Pull Down: Close & Wide grip

🔥聽The thrust of the upper block by a聽Close聽grip is an effective exercise for the widest?

1️⃣聽Data from the Journal Strength Cond Res. (USA, 2014) on electrical activity of muscles showed that Close and Wide grips in the upper block traction exercise have better loading capacity, on average 80.3 卤 7.2 kg vs. 77.3 卤 6.3 kg, respectively.

2️⃣聽From the point of view of activation / inclusion of the broadest studies, no significant differences were shown, i.e. with the aim of better working back muscles there is no difference what kind of grip to use. On the other hand, the highest activation of the biceps showed an average and Close grip.

3️⃣聽Conclusion: Close / Wide grips will help a little better (in comparison with a broad one) to load back muscles, and also to work out the two-headed muscles of the shoulder better.

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