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🚨Lateral Delt Exercise🚨

Lateral Delt Exercise
Lateral Delt Exercise

Exercise technique Lateral Delt Exercise

  • Put your feet to the width of your shoulders and straighten your back. The arms are slightly bent and fixed in the elbows until the end of the exercise, the dumbbells almost touch the legs (the palms are turned forward).
  • Take a breath and, holding your breath, lift first one hand to the side (strictly in the plane of the trunk) slightly above the shoulder, fix it for 1 second.
  • When the dumbbell level passes, the arms do not unfold in the shoulder joint and at the top point of the palm rest to look forward.
  • Do not relax the lower back and fix the torso’s forward position until the end of the set.
    Lower your hands down gently, on exhalation, controlling dumbbells at every point of the movement. Do not bend your arms at the elbows!
  • Do with each hand lifting dumbbells, with the necessary number of repetitions


Lateral Delt Exercise
Lateral Delt Exercise
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