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✔️ MUSCLE LOSS use it or lose it 


✅ This post is very important as far as the message it sends, as we age and become more sedentary or have been it can drastically affect our quality of life and being able to do regular activities. If you don’t want that to happen the biggest thing you can do is keep moving! This post sends an important message so please tag 2 people in it so it can reach more individuals ill give away workout programs to 4 individuals who tag someone.
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A study done by (Andrew P et al 2011) looked at master athletes who participate in chronic exercise and compared them to sedentary older adults looking at muscle size and strength. The master athletes were able to retain muscle mass and strength while the sedentary individuals had a strong decline in muscle mass and strength. This decline in strength can make life very hard for an individual not only someone in their 60s, but even 40s I’ve seen it happen.

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Similar results were shown by (Nilwik R et all 2013) who looked at muscle mass and how type II fibers attribute to its loss. Comparing type II fibers of older adults to young ones they found a decrease in type II fibers (the fibers that are responsible for power). The decrease of these fibers was attributed to the decrease in muscle size, however they were able to improve this with resistance training. A decrease in type II fiber number and size can explain the decrease in strength of older individuals
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It is even shown that moderate exercise can potentially increase life span, but for sure increase the health span which is the time spent living disability free (C. D. Reimers et all 2012). 99% of the people that view my post will be active however spread the word to anyone who is not.

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