🔥Muscles of the back | Guide

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🔥 Muscles of the back (back anatomy)

Muscles of the back (back anatomy)
✅Muscles of the back (back anatomy)

✅ People are often confused in the back muscles, because the back is one of the big muscles of the back, there are a lot of names and divisions, we will find out which muscles are involved in which exercises

1️⃣ The Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) – These are the largest muscles of the back, they are also called “wings”. Starting from the upper end of the humerus and all the way to the pelvic girdle. The main function of this muscle is to pull the arm down to the pelvis (thighs).

🔎 Best exerises to hit these bad boys are: Lat pull downs, Pull ups, leverage rows.

Best Exerises for Back
Best Exerises for Back


2️⃣ The Trapezius–  another large muscle group. They are located in the upper part of the back near the neck and descend to the lower back near the spine and end in the middle of the back. The main function is to lift the shoulders up (flattening the shoulder blades together)

🔎 Best exercises for the traps: Shrugs and upright rows (narrow grip).

Shrugs and upright rows
Shrugs and upright rows

3️⃣ Rear Delts – These are small muscles on the back of your shoulders. The pumping of the rear deltas gives the shoulders and back the greater sheerina and the T-shaped body.

🔎 Best Exercises: Rear delt flyes, Face pulls.

There are also several small muscles on the back, such as rhomboids. Teres major and minor. All this helps various movements in the back.


Lateral Deltoid
Lateral Deltoid

4️⃣ The Teres – major is located at the outer edge of the scapula and is attached to the shoulder. The role is to raise the hand to the back.

5️⃣ The rhomboids – are located on the spine and are attached to the middle of the scapula. The role is to combine the shoulder blades.

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