🔥Muscles of the Legs & Quads and calves | Guide

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🔥Muscles of the legs (front view) – Quads and calves

Muscles of the legs
🚨 Muscles of the legs

💪 First, let’s talk about quadriceps. They are not very complex and consist of 4 muscles, so they have the word Quadriceps in the name.

✅ Consisting of:

1️⃣ Rectus Femoris (before the quarter).
2️⃣ Vastus Itermedius (under the thigh).
3️⃣ Vastus lateralis (outside the legs).
4️⃣ Vastus medialis (inside the leg).

The role of quadriceps is to straighten the knee joint (flexion and extension movement).

🚨 Here are some top quad quiz exercises:

☑️ Back squats
☑️ Front squats
☑️ Lunges
☑️ Leg press
☑️ Step ups
☑️ Hack squats
☑️ Leg extensions

The leg also belongs to the structure of the legs (technically more on the back of the leg, but also visible from the front).

🚨 The lower leg consists of two muscles:

1️⃣ Soleus (located under the gastrocnemius muscle).
2️⃣ Gastrocnemius (a larger, more visible muscle).

The role of the gastrocnemius muscle is to lift your heel from the floor and work with your tendons so that you can bend your knee, your lower leg gives a kick to your leg by lifting the heel from the floor. The sole helps to lift your feet off the floor when you are in a sitting position with your knee bent at a 90 degree angle.

🎯 You can work your lower leg only with the aid of the sole of your foot with the help of exercises in special simulators where you sit, where the lower leg is worked through by raising your foot. Anatomically, the following exercises are best:

☑️ Smith machine calf raise
☑️ Calf raise machine
☑️ One leg standing calf raise
☑️ Toe press (on leg press machine)
☑️ Donkey calf raise

Knowing your anatomy in more detail, you will know how to train better and more efficiently.

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