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🔥 MY TOP 3 Secrets to Back Gains

🔥MY TOP 3 Secrets to Back Gains
🔥MY TOP 3 Secrets to Back Gains

Training the muscles of the back contributes to the development of its V-shaped relief form, which makes the waist and hips visually narrower, thus the figure will look more aesthetically pleasing. The back muscles belong to the large muscles, which makes them one of the main ones in bodybuilding, because without well-developed back muscles you will not have a harmonious figure, and the power indicators in squatting with a barbell or deadlift will remain low.

👉🏻 Exercise 1: Lat pull-down dropset.

Lat pull-down dropset
Lat pull-down dropset

✅ Perform 3 sets consecutively.
✅ Reps 10-10-10, perform 5 rounds.

Developed back muscles are also very important for the formation of a correct and beautiful posture, since these muscles play a major role in stabilizing the spinal muscles. It is due to the low tonus of the trapezius muscles that the shoulders are pulled forward and the slouch develops.

👉🏻 Exercise 2: Single arm isolation pull-downs.

Single arm isolation pull-downs
Single arm isolation pull-downs

✅ Focus on keeping tricep relaxed, pull with lat.
✅ Perform 5 sets x 12-15 reps.

👉🏻 Exercise 3: Seated wide grip rows.

Seated wide grip rows
Seated wide grip rows

✅ Focus on contracting upper back/ rhomboids.
✅ Perform 5 sets x 8-12 reps.

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