Proven Ways to Lose Weight

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11 Proven Ways to Lose Weight


Proven Ways to Lose Weight!

94,30 kgs (210 lbs) vs 70 kgs (155 lbs)

I am no where near done but I’m just so freaking excited to share my progress. I use to look at this page hoping I could one day put my own before and after up – And here I am. I tried for many years to lose wait, and it wasn’t until I went to a music festival and heard something that changed my life:

“If you really want something, you gotta want that something with your whole heart. You can’t kinda want it, if you kinda want it, you gonna kinda get it” – that’s a paraphrase, I don’t remember the exact thing, it will a year ago next weekend.

I can’t believe I was ever that big and all the people I’ve showed this picture to couldn’t believe it either. I honestly don’t know how I lived my life like that. I am so happy now, my confidence is through the roof. I am absolutely shocked at how differently boys are treating me.

My overall message however, Is that you HAVE TO DO IT FOR YOU! You should want the change, because if it is not for you, then it’s not gonna work.
I probably got another 15 kgs to lose, but oh boy I’m so happy with how far I’ve come. Don’t give up kids.

Damm I look good. 😊 [5.1 feet/ 155 cm tall]

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