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Wide Grip PullDowns

Wide Grip PullDowns
Wide Grip PullDowns

Technique of execution Wide Grip PullDowns

The traction of the upper block can be attributed to technical exercises of the class of “ease”, but still many manage to make mistakes in it and do not understand how. To prevent this from happening, let’s take a step-by-step look at the technique of executing the upper thrust.

Step # 0.

Approach the simulator and install a straight handle. Sit on a bench and get your knees under the rollers, having previously adjusted their height. Grasp the handle with a wide (wider shoulder) direct grip. Pull your arms up, holding the bar at the selected width. Slightly tilt the body back. This is your starting position.

Step # 1.

Inhale, on exhalation, start pulling the bar down until it touches the top of the chest. Make sure that the upper part of the body remains stationary, only the hands should move. At the bottom point (compressed position), further compress the blades. Do not pull the bar at the expense of hands, they are just needed to hold the simuator bar.

Step # 2.

Slowly and under control, return the neck to the start position, when your arms are fully straightened, and the latissimus muscles of the back are maximally stretched. Exhale with this part of the movement.

Step # 3.

Repeat the specified number of times.

Mashine Row 

Mashine Row
Mashine Row

Technique of execution Mashine Row

Horizontal traction in the Hummer simulator on the back muscles occurs in this way:

  1. First, adjust the simulator for you, i.e. it is necessary to determine the height of the seat in height, and also to establish the working weight of the simulator. During the pull, the hands should be directed to your belt.
  2. Next, you need to sit and lean yourself chest on the back of the simulator. The lumbar region of the back is in an oblique position, and the shoulder blades are folded. Then stretch out your hands and grasp the handle of the simulator with a closed grip. When using a narrow grip, press the elbows against the body. And if you are doing cravings with a wide grip, then place your elbows in the sides.
  3. On exhalation, pull the handles of the simulator towards you, while completely lowering the blades at the peak point of the amplitude. The chest in the process of pulling does not tear off from the abutment in the back of the simulator, the body is fixed, and the deflection in the lower back is preserved. Do not swing the hull and do not swing back. It is also incorrect to unfold the upper part of the trunk to the side corresponding to the working arm, when performing one-handed movement.
  4. On inhaling, lower the weight to its original position, but not until the arms are fully stretched, since the load in the muscles must be maintained throughout the movement.
Mashine Row
Mashine Row
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