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🔥Are you struggling with developing you shoulders? There are a few things that could be limiting your progress. The shoulder has it rough when it comes to mechanical advantage, because of how long of a lever it must work against. Your arm is one big lever adding extra force to any weight you lift. This means regardless of how strong one is the shoulder will always have a harder time lifting the weight when its done in a straight arm position.
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For that reason, one thing that can be limiting your shoulder development is using too much weight. This will cause compensations such as shoulder elevation and use of momentum to lift the weight. To figure out if you’re using too much weight try this, stand against a wall back flat and lift the dumbbell you use for front side or rear delt raises. Now see if you’re able to hold it shoulder height, If not you’re using too much weight.

shoulder exercises
shoulder exercises

Next is, you’re over using your traps and triceps during overhead movements. During pressing movements for front deltoid, you need to be thinking about bringing your elbows towards the midline, now pushing up the weight. This helps focus the tension on the deltoid not the triceps, also when you perform presses, watch your shoulders they should not be elevating excessively during.
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Lastly, are you doing enough for your shoulders? You should be doing at least 2-3 exercises for each of the 3 parts of the deltoid if your goal is hypertrophy. A few exercises simply won’t add enough volume, with that in mind going back to the first potential issue, make sure during your exercises you’re spending enough time under tension not just swinging the weight.

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