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🚨 3 Exercises To Help You Develop Those Stubborn Lower Abs

✅ Lots of people trying to get the six-pack look have mostly succeeded in getting there in a fairly reasonable amount of time by following a healthy diet and training regularly. Surely you’ve heard the saying that abs are made in the kitchen, and this is absolutely true, however you’re going to have to do a ton of work in the gym to get from a four-pack to the next level: the six-pack and the only way you can do that is by developing your lower abs.


🚨 D-handle crunches

✅ But, didn’t we already mention that crunches don’t really target your lower abs? Well, not unless they are done in a certain way, in which they can engage the entire abdominal wall and fully stretch it, thus putting a great deal of tension on the lower abs with weighted reps. This exercise is a variation on the standard rope crunches, this time using a D-handle instead of the rope on the cable machine. Position yourself several feet from the machine so that you’ll be crunching down and going up on a 45-degree angle.

✅ Grab the handle with an underhand grip and hold it in front of the forehead, without leaning on it. Pick a load that will put a little extra resistance into the movement without having to swing your body and use momentum and the range of motion should be fully used. When you reach the top of each rep, make sure you feel the full stretch in your abs and if you do it right, you’ll even feel it in the sphincter muscle. Yup, you read that right, you should get a similar sensation like when you’re doing Kegel exercises. Do several sets of 20 reps or more and you can also add a few reps to each side and work the oblique muscles that smoothly connect to the lower abs.


🚨 Reverse crunches

✅ This exercise can be done on the floor or preferably, on a bench and will target the lower abs and the whole core. If you do it on the floor, place the hands out on each side with your palms facing down. If you do it on a bench, hold on to the top of it with your hands placed over your head.

Bend the knees at a 45-90 degree angle, again this is the preferable choice and lift the butt off the bench while you bring the knees towards the chest. There’s a more challenging variation, by keeping the knees rigid and trying to lift as much of the body off the bench and curling it up towards the chest.


🚨 Rope crunch

✅ When you’re done with the cable ab rotations, you can still use the pulley for another exercise for your abs. Put a rope on it and raise the pulley to head height. Then, take the rope and drag it down to knee level, getting on your knees in the process. Put the rope on the sides of your your neck, like you were about to hang yourself. Then, move your elbows strongly towards your thighs, like you were about to pray. If you want to boost the effect of this exercise even more, push out your elbows a bit and do the full range of motion available, touching your head to the mat. This exercise should be performed for a high number of reps, anywhere from 15 to 20 of them, for three sets.

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