The Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell: Types, Benefits Different Grabs

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The Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell

The Bulldog Grip on the bar is the grip you need to always use, such a grabs will prevent the bar from falling or slipping on you, which is very dangerous and is associated with numerous injuries. In the bench press, we often use large weights, such a grab is the most relevant. ⁣

Let’s see an example of using a bulldog grip in the picture below:

How to grip the barbell
Bench press – bulldog grip

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If you want to use the maximum weights in a bench press or barbell row, you need to start to use a bulldog grip.

The barbell capture got its name due to the similarity of the grip to the dog’s bite, it is very difficult to break such a grip when the bar is in your hands.

In case of a bulldog grip, the bar is under the fingers of the hand, excluding the lever effect that can be seen with a conventional grip, if you do not use traction belts, for example, when the doing exercises barbell row, this grip will be the most effective and will reduce the risk of injuries and the bar don’t slip out of our hands-on your legs

Benefits use Different grabs.

Various grips are used to pump muscles at different angles, more concentratedly acting on a particular area of the muscle group. By changing the grip, you change the groups of muscles being worked out.

Thus, it turns out that there is no universal answer to the question: Which grip will be correct or which grip will be more effective. In most cases, the choice of grip will depend on the particular exercise and on the goals that you set for yourself when performing it.

Types of grip

So what kind of grip is there? Depending on how the palm holds the bar or bar, there are three types of grip:

  1. Straight or grab on top
  2. Neutral or parallel
  3. Reverse or bottom grip
  4. Narrow grip
  5. Average grip
  6. Wide grip
  7. Closed grip (Bulldog Grip)
  8. Open grip (monkey, army).

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In this article, we will consider only the capture closed or as it is also called Bulldog Grip, read our other article, Types of grip: Direct, Reverse, Neutral for the barbell, dumbbell, and horizontal bar.

Closed grip (Bulldog Grip)

In this embodiment, four fingers hold the bar or dumbbells on one side, and the thumb holds it on the other side, as if wrapping in a ring. When doing exercises with the barbell, this type of grip is usually used, since it is safe to hold the barbell or dumbbells with it. When performing exercises on the horizontal bar, it allows you to hold on to the crossbar more tenaciously.

How to Do Bulldog grip
Bulldog grip

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In this article, we examined how to perform a bulldog capture or as it is also called a closed grip. Perform this grip always when using large or extra-large weight in the barbell press or when using free weights such as dumbbells, bench presses, or with different row exercises.

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