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🔥The Bulldog Grip for 👇Barbell & Dumbbell


🚨 The Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell

✅ The bulldog grip is one of the things you should learn when really trying to maximize your performance and force out put. ⁣Nonetheless this is why it’s always taught in a powerlifting context where the goal is maximizing strength and the numbers lifted with the big threes. ⁣

Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell
✅ Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell

✅ This is why, if you want to get your bench to the next level, you need to add this tool to your arsenal.

The Bulldog grip is called like this because of the slight internal rotation if the hands, which resamble the paws of a bulldog. ⁣

The reason behind this is to allow the barbell to sit directly over the wrist joint, therefore eliminating the moment arm (MA) from wrist-to-barbell which can be seen on a normal grip. ⁣

This allows a much more stable and efficient force transfer from the elbows up, which can result in a stronger bench press. ⁣

Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell
Bulldog Grip for Barbell & Dumbbell

✅ Now, this does not mean you’ll have to change everything else!

The elbow angle remains at ~75 degrees and your shoulder blades stay tucked down and back together. ⁣ It might feel awkward at first, but as you continue training it, it gets better and better. ⁣

HOW do you grip your bench? Give the Bulldog grip a go if you’re looking to maximize force output out of your BP! ⁣

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