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The Overhead Press – The Path The Bar/Weight Should Travel

Left photo: The most common mistake I see is people pressing the weight forward as opposed to over the head. If you’re pressing the bar forward, you don’t have total control over the weight. You are THEREFORE putting your shoulders in a terrible position, forcing them to carry the bulk of the weight which will most likely lead to injury of some sort.


Right photo: You want to make sure the weight, dumbbell or barbell, standing or seated, is always traveling in a straight vertical line from your shoulders to above your head. That means that you’ll have you tuck your head back a little to clear a path as your pressing upward. Then be sure to push your head through the window created by your arms to allow the weight to rest straight above your head. Hence the exercise being called the OVERHEAD press


No bro reps. Make certain to lock out your elbows at the top of the lift while also keeping your core and back straight. If your back is arched or you can’t lock out, lower your weight. Please

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