🔥The Right Way To Do Pull-Ups

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💪 The Right Way To Do Pull-Ups

🔥 Pull-ups are an amazing exercise in general.⁣

Right Way To Do Pull-Ups
✅ Right Way To Do Pull-Ups
  • You’ll get really strong, burn a lot of calories, feel more confident, & have a great looking back.⁣
  • And if you’re every in need of a workout you’ll just need a bar.⁣
  • But most people who do them either flail on a bar or just use their arms.⁣

     🚨 Here’s the 3 steps to executing perfect pull-ups⁣ 🚨


✅  1:Shoulder blades down: Before your arms bend think about tucking your shoulder blades into your back pockets.⁣

✅  2: ⁣Drive elbow to hips: Now think about your elbows driving down & back toward your hips.⁣

  3: ⁣Drive your chest toward the bar NOT chin toward bar

To Do Pull-Ups
To Do Pull-Ups


✅ Your chin has nothing to do with your back. You can reach all day with your neck & aside from hurting your spine it won’t do anything for you.⁣

Think about your chest driving to the bar instead.⁣

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