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🔥TRICEPS PUSH DOWNS & How to Focus on Different Heads


💥 If your goal is to emphasize one part of the triceps more than the other it can be done through change of the arms position. The triceps are made up of 3 different parts, the long head which is a also a shoulder extensor, the medial head and lateral. Because of anatomy we can change the position of the elbow to create passive or active insufficiency in the long head which allow us to emphasize one head over the other.

✅ To put the long head of the triceps in active insufficiency we want to adduct our elbows as close as we can to the body and slightly externally rotate the shoulder we can put the long head at a better position to perform work. With the shoulder blades and shoulders stabilize the long head can no longer perform extension or adduction of the shoulder and now can freely extend the elbow.

How to Focus on Different Heads
✅How to Focus on Different Heads

✅ In order to hit the medial and lateral heads we want to do the opposite. Our focus is to put the long head at a disadvantaged position for performing elbow extension. We can do this by internally rotating the shoulder and abducting the elbows away from the body, think of being in a dip position.

Try this next time you’re doing triceps exercises, see if you notice a difference in where your muscles fatigue or burn throughout the sets.

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