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🚨Upright Rows Proper Form

Upright Rows
Upright Rows

3 Things to Avoid:
❌Dipping Shoulders- Dipping shoulders forward is an attempt to use more body moment to get the weight up. This is an indication that the weight is too heavy than what you can handle with correct form.
❌Moving Neck- This is a bad habit many people have often without even realizing it. When your head moves forward and backwards, you break spine alignment and are at higher risk of injury.


❌Not Controlled- Again this comes back to use too much weight. If you are unable to pause briefly to top for a squeeze and control down, you are using more weight than needed for this exercise.

Upright Rows Proper Form
Upright Rows Proper Form


3 Things to Include:
✅Body Stable- Keeping good posture and focusing on pulling with your delts rather than using your body’s momentum will result in the best overall muscle strain throughout the exercise.
✅Maintain Spine Alignment- This is key for safe sets and muscle development. Keep you neck straight and body stable and your spine should be neutral from head to toe.
✅Controlled Reps- Controlling the negative of each rep is literally 1/2 of the exercise. If you skip this, you are only getting 50% of the results you could potentially get. Control each negative and squeeze up top briefly.


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