Weight loss cardio!

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Weight loss cardio!

Weight loss cardio!

Workouts feel 3x harder than they are because my body is weaken, but I just had to get my body moving 😩🤭.

HIIT cardio: 🏃🏽‍♀️ I don’t alway do cardio, I do it to feel it better, to clear my mind, to get my body moving, to feel lighter!

See more on video !


It usually goes like this:

5 min Warm up (walk to jog by increasing speed every minute)

16-20 min workout = Alternate 1min jog and 1 min Sprint for 8 to 10 sprints

5-10 min cool down (Jog to walk by decreasing speed every min.)

I rarely do steady state cardio because a whole workout feels like it’s never ending.


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