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A common mistake we see during kettlebell swings is people lowering the bell too low during the backswing. Сoach came up with a great solution that we’ve been using lately and it involves a stack of Airex pads. Place the stack behind you and perform a set of swings. You’ll find that the pads serve as a reminder and a form of feedback for you to not to lower the bell too low, and instead place it up high in that “triangle” formed between your knees and your hips. If you don’t have these pads, you could also use something else like a short foam roller or some rolled up mats – just don’t use anything too sturdy because we want the object give you feedback by being gently knocked down and not by having a lot of impact against the bell.

We hope this video from owner helped you out! If it did, please hit that ❤icon above! Until next time ✌💙💪!

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