3 Best Exercises + Programs Abs Training

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3 Best Exercises Abdominal

The press itself is a very hardy muscle that can withstand enormous loads, but the reaction to high intensity is not always sufficient. Most often, the problem area is the bottom of the press, which is quite difficult to pump. Let’s see why this happens.

Abdominal exercises


Features of pumping the lower press

The fact is that exercises, sharpened by an isolated study of the top and bottom of the press, simply do not exist. All exercises load both halves, but at the same time some part gets more load, and the other – significantly less. Even exercises designed to work out precisely the lower part of the press involuntarily include the work and its upper area. It so happened that the top of the press is much stronger than the bottom, which is why the top takes up most of the load then bottom. This explains the low development of this part of the muscle, that is, it simply does not receive the proper load.

There is an opinion that the desired effect can be achieved by increasing the number of working repetitions. However, this is a pure delusion, because the more the press gets tired, the more distinctly it will transfer the load of its strongest part – to the top of the press. How to be in this situation? In fact, the solution lies on the surface – it is necessary to replace the quantity with quality, then increase the load on the bottom of the press due to the emphasis on each repetition, making it as correct as possible, slowly and distinctly.

The best exercises for the lower press

abdominal exercises - tips


What exercises will help to pump up the lower press? These include:

Perform each exercise repeat at a slow pace, maintaining a distinct pause at the point of maximum muscle contraction, try to feel the load. Do not pay attention to the number of working repetitions, completely focus on their quality.

Important tip when pumping the bottom of the press

In general, the lower region of the press itself is poorly developed in many people. This is due to the fact that this area receives the least load in everyday life. If you have sedentary work, then by the end of the day the tone of the bottom of the press falls almost completely. In this case, sports science experts recommend performing the following exercise – abdominal vacuum. In simple terms, just pull in your abdomin, thereby providing the press with physical activity. The main convenience of this technique is that it can be performed absolutely anywhere. After a couple of months of this practice, you simply will not recognize your abs!

Training program for pumping the lower press

In conclusion, I will present a simple program for pumping the bottom of the press. All exercises included in it are completely ground for the study of the lower part of the press. Follow this plan twice a week.


Exercise Repetition Approaches
Hanging legs raise 3 12
Reverse Twists 3 12
Hanging Knee Raise 3 12


At the highest point of each repetition, make an accentuated pause for 2 seconds. Do not pay attention to the number of repetitions, fully focus on the quality of each time.

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