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Best Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder muscles are among the prime muscle groups trained in the gym. And this is understandable, because the quality of the muscles of the upper body depends, first of all, on the development of the shoulders or, more correctly, the deltoid muscles.

Shoulder Exercises


The main feature of the shoulder muscles (deltoid muscles) is their division into 3 bundles (front, middle and back), each of which performs its function.

Therefore, the greatest effect is brought by isolated training of each of these bundles. Hence, the first major mistake of novice athletes is the neglect of this rule and unsystematic training of the shoulders with general exercises for various bundles.

The right technique for training shoulders in the gym

It is optimal to pump the shoulders separately, dividing them into the training of each particular part the shoulder, it is necessary to use the split scheme – that is, what other muscle groups can their workouts be combined with?

The optimal split schemes are as follows:

Bundle of deltoid muscles You can pump on the same day as:
front delts Back muscles, back part of deltas
middle delts Back muscles
back delts Muscles of the chest, front part of deltas


Next, you need to choose basic and isolated exercises for shoulder training in the gym. Optimal will be the use of 1-2 basic and 1-2 isolated exercises for each beam.

T-bar bench press with one hand kneeling – 8 reps

Use a special T-bar or just put a standard bar in the corner for emphasis. Place a mat or gym mat under your knees. Put the bar on your shoulder. Squeeze the bar vertically and forward. Lower the projectile for at least 2 seconds.

Front delts


Sitting dumbbell bench press

dumbbell press on middle delts

Set the back of the bench upright. Press the back of the head and back. Take the dumbbells and lift over your shoulders. Pull up dumbbells over your head in an arc. Lower dumbbells for at least 2 seconds


Reverse Peck-Deck simulator – 15 reps

Sit in the simulator tightly pressing your chest to the back of the seat. Reverse the simulator arms back to the maximum reduction of the back delta. At this point, pause and smoothly return the handles back. Return to the starting position for at least 2 seconds.

Rear delts exercises

After choosing the exercises, you can proceed to the preparation of training complexes. It should be noted that for training in the gym, the purpose of which is to increase muscle mass and muscle relief, it is necessary to use a high-intensity load (6-8 reps with a maximum weight) in basic exercises and a high volume (12-15 reps) in isolated ones.

Ready-made training programs for the gym, taking into account the above principles, you will find in the relevant articles:


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