abdominal exercises

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Anatomy of the Muscle Press!

It’s amazing, but the press is very easy to train because, there’s nothing to train. It is one single DIRECT MUSCLE OF ANIMAL, which starts from the groin and stretches along your belly up to the solar plexus. This is not a triceps with three different heads and three different types of fixing. This is not the pectoral muscle, which has, on the one hand, a single anchor point (next to the armpit), and on the opposite side has a lot of fixation points, which are at different angles to each other (along the sternum and along the clavicle). The straight abdominal muscle is simple as a scrap. First, it is really straight (from top to bottom) without any distortions. Well, and secondly, it has exactly two attachment points. Accordingly, begining (next to the solar plexus) and ended (next to the pubic bone).



abdominal exercises

Do the exercises as shown in the picture for the most effective result!

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