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How to Burn Fat on the Hips | Training Programs

Basic principles of weight loss in the hips


Fat deposits in the pelvic region are the most stable. They begin to accumulate during puberty, if girls prefer to walk around the chair near the computer, and healthy food – chips and cola. Cellulite in such conditions is simply inevitable, he likes inaction. Asking how quickly to reduce hips and legs, you need to think about how much fat deposits accumulated. Often this happens for years, therefore, for 1-2 months to expect complete elimination of cellulite is not worth it.

burn fat on the hips
How to Burn Fat on the Hips


The training complex may look like this:


Air squats.

These are the usual sit-ups without dumbbells at a fast pace. With the right technique, the first movement is performed by the pelvis – it is retracted, as if an invisible chair is behind it, and knee joints are bent. This is how you can ensure that the knees do not “look” for the line, drawn with socks. Perform 15-30 reps, depending on the level of preparation. Squats make the whole body lose weight, strengthen the front surface of the thigh.

Side attacks with a jump.

From the standing position, you need to make a wide lunge to the left and transfer weight to the left leg in the squat, pulling the pelvis back. The body tilts forward. You can touch the right hand of the toe of the left foot to observe the accuracy of the technique. Return to the starting position, repeat 15-20 times for each leg. Going on a chair. Stand in front of a chair or other elevation, step on it with your left foot, drop to the floor. Repeat 20 times, alternating legs.

Gluteal bridge.


For this exercise, you will need a dumbbell or a bottle of water in 5 liters. You need to lie on the floor, legs bend at the knees. Weight put on pelvic bones, perform slow pelvic lifts and linger for 1-2 seconds at the top point. Make 20 repetitions. This exercise works well buttocks, eliminates cellulite back of the thigh

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