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🚨 Buttock Training in the Gym

✅ Beautiful buttocks – this is the part of the body that attracts special attention of men and women. If for some it’s a secret, then women also stare at men’s buttocks – that part of the body that women evaluate when choosing a sexual partner. Well, but about the beauty of the female fifth point and say nothing. It is enough to see how the guys behave when they see a beautiful female ass alongside. No wonder everyone is interested in the question of how to make the buttocks more sexual. Well, today we will deal with this.


Buttock Training in the Gym
Buttock Training in the Gym


✅ Anatomy of the buttocks – this is a very important issue, because. we need to know how the muscle works, to pump them up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

✅ Muscles of the buttocks – refer to the muscles of the posterior surface of the thigh and are involved in straightening the body, as well as moving the legs back and to the side.

✅ For how much you can pump the buttocks

For how much you can pump the buttocks
For how much you can pump the buttocks


If you want, and a want training to pump up the buttocks can be VERY FAST! Of course, much depends on the state of your body “at the start.” If you, for example, weighed 120 kg, no matter how beautiful your buttocks were, they will not be visible beyond the layer of fat. Here’s an article on how to quickly lose weight.

And the process of developing the gluteal muscles is not much different from pumping the muscles of the rest of the body and obeys the same growth rules as all muscles, namely:

  • LOAD PROGRESS (the growth of training should increase). Perhaps, the main rule, The muscles will not grow if you do not increase the weight.
  • LOAD SHOULD BE Exactly target in goal (you need to learn how to feel the muscles that you want to develop).
  • REQUIRED RESTORATION (meals 6-12 times a day + sleep 8-10 hours).

🔥 Deep squats with a barbell on the shoulders 

THIS IS THE BEST EXERCISE IN BODYBUILDING and exercise number one for the development of beautiful buttocks.


Deep squats with a barbell on the shoulders
Deep squats with a barbell on the shoulders


We need deep squats, i.e. such that your calves are imprinted into the hamstrings. Squat need not to the parallel with the floor, and BELOW!

🔥 Split squat (variable attacks)

Split squat (variable attacks)
Split squat (variable attacks)


This exercise, which is CONCENTRATEDLY IMPACT on this muscle group!
It grows your buttock muscles VERY INTENSIVE!
Do not overdo it, develop the buttocks evenly with the other muscles, so that there is no disproportion.

There are three types of attack:

  • With foot step forward.
  • With foot steps back.
  • With a step of a foot in a side.
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