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✅ Tips: Focus on squeezing your chest when your arms are above your chest.


Execution options for a pullover, let’s look at all possible

  1. Pullover lying on a bench with a dumbbell. In this case, the top of the back is on the bench, and the whole lower part is on the weight.
  2. Pullover lying along the entire bench. The bench is in a horizontal position. In this embodiment, we will use a rope as a working inventory (you can use a dumbbell).
  • Pullover lying on the bench, head to the block trainer (use the handle on the block in the form of a rope. It is usually used to work out the triceps standing by the block).
  • Pullover in a standing trainer.
  • Pullover lying with a barbell on an inclined bench (tilt upside down).
✅Lattisimus Dorsi (Lats) Pullover
✅Lattisimus Dorsi (Lats) Pullover

Frequent mistakes that athletes make when performing a pullover

One of the common mistakes that most athletes make is not choosing the right weight. Many overestimate themselves and their strengths. Remember, in this exercise, that and in general, in all exercises, weight is not as important as the correct technique.

An wrong that I would like to note is the rise of the legs when the pullover rope (dumbbell) is lowered down. Work should only the upper torso. When lifting the hips, the load that is directed to the target muscles is shifted, greatly facilitating the exercise.

❌ As with all basic exercises, a pullover needs to be performed slowly, without jerks and an accelerated pace. Not only accelerated movements do not allow muscle groups should work, in our case, the back and chest, but can also lead to injuries.

🚨Pectorials (Chest) Pullover
🚨Pectorials (Chest) Pullover


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