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Ab V-Ups Proper Form

Ab V-Ups Proper Form
Ab V-Ups Proper Form

🎯 Target muscles Ab V-Ups:

  1. Press – rectus abdominis muscle, transverse abdominal muscle, oblique abdominal muscles.
  2. Synergists: Legs – lumbar muscle, straight thigh muscle.

Immediately I will say that this exercise will be difficult even in its simplest version. Simultaneous folding is not for the weak. Although you can always simplify this exercises.

Ab V-Ups Proper Form
Ab V-Ups Proper Form

Technique of execution Ab V-Ups

Starting position: we lay on the back, hands behind the head.

  • On exhalation, with a powerful movement, we go upstairs, simultaneously tearing off the hands and feet from the floor;
  • Small fixation at the top point;
  • And quietly under control, we lie down on the floor.


Basic moments V-Ups Proper Form:

  1. The output to the V-Ups is completely dependent on the initial impulse on the upward movement.
  2. At the top, the angle between the thigh and the body is less than 90 degrees.
  3. A touch is considered to be a touch at the top with the fingers of the feet.
  4. At the top, a short pause is required to maintain equilibrium.
  5. The more exhalation, the easier it is to go up.
  6. The back during the ascent and above is completely straight.
  7. Straight legs in the knees during the entire movement are one of the hardest and most necessary V-Ups points.
  8. As an exercise complication, you can not return your arms and legs to the floor, leaving them on weight.
Ab V-Ups Proper Form
Ab V-Ups Proper Form


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