How to Pistol Squats

How to Pistol Squats
How to Pistol Squats

So, Pistol Squats – the best home (and not only) exercise for the overall development of the muscular array of legs. Squats with a pistol is an indicator of the development of your legs, which shows how strong they are. To lift the weight of your body with one foot, an incredible amount of muscles are included in the work, judge for yourself:

  • the basic muscular group is quadriceps;
  • muscles-synergists – a large gluteal, large leading, soleus;
  • Dynamic stabilizers – hamstring muscles, calf;
  • Stabilizers – spinal rectifiers, middle / small glutealis, square lumbar muscle, oblique /
  • rectus abdominis;
  • stabilizers with raised leg – iliopsoas muscle, stretcher of wide fascia of thigh, comb muscle, sartorius muscle, quadriceps.
How to Pistol Squats
How to Pistol Squats

Technique of execution Pistol Squats

Before proceeding to the technical part, I will say that the exercise is very, very difficult to execute, it will not be possible to master it in one sitting. Therefore, be patient and prepare for various blockages and falls, this is normal. The most difficult thing in the performance of the pistol is holding the position of equilibrium, muscles that are responsible for this, you have not worked until now, then it takes time that muscles are ready and can correctly workout.

So, the step-by-step execution technique is as follows.

Step # 1.

Approach the bench. Stand to her back, slightly touching the supporting leg. The initial position is legs on the width of the shoulders, one supporting (for example, the left one), the other is pushed in the knee bend and slightly forwarded up.

Step # 2.

On inhalation, start to squat, bending the left leg in the knee joint, and the right leg pulling forward the elongated one. Hold the body straight, look forward, sit on the bench.

Step # 3.

Sit as deep as you can without losing balance, on exhalation, with the combined effort of all the muscles of your left leg, move up and return to the start position. Repeat the specified number of times, change the foot.

How to Pistol Squats
How to Pistol Squats


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