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Single Arm Neutral Preacher Curls

Among bodybuilders, lifting the dumbbells on the Scott bench is considered the best exercise for pumping neat and beautiful biceps. Let’s try to understand the advantages of the exercise.


Single Arm Neutral Preacher Curls
Single Arm Neutral Preacher Curls


Scott’s bench – is, in fact, a pillow for shoulder rest and a seat. The armrest is located at an angle of 45, into which you rest on your elbows when sgabanii.

The purpose of this type of flexion is to isolate the biceps from the pump. Since you are sitting, resting your elbows on a motionless object, your back is not activated. Many people, even without realizing it, are muhlyuyut, because with the bend they help themselves with the muscles of the back.

This takes the load off the biceps and thus reduces the benefit of the exercise. And although there are many remarkable movements that isolate the biceps, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

When the Single Arm Neutral Preacher on the Scott’s bench, the following muscles are included:

  • brachial / shoulder;
  • biceps arm (biceps).


Also the load falls on:

  • front deltas;
  • coracobrachialis;
  • upper thoracic.

If in the lifts with the barbell / dumbbells all the work is done by the biceps (brachialis / brachiradialis – assistants), then in the hammer rise the everything is different

Benefits Single Arm Neutral Preacher

Benefits Single Arm Neutral Preacher
Benefits Single Arm Neutral Preacher



Performing hammer exercises on the Scott’s bench, you will receive the following benefits:

  • better development of the long (external) head of the bicep
  • peak biceps due to its pushing up (thanks to the brachialis);
  • full compression of the biceps through the entire range of motion;
  • increase the muscles of the forearms, which will better emphasize the size and shape of
  • the biceps;
  • development and strengthening of small muscles of the hand (muscles of the hand,
  • flexors), which can not be pumping with standard exercises;
    a general increase the pumping of the hand;
  • easy execution and the presence of minimal equipment (one Scott’s bench and one dumbbells);
  • less stress on the wrists (no torque) than lifts to the biceps with the barbell and reduced risk of injury;
  • variability of movement from the use of different types of shells (dumbbells, ropes, EZ barbell, straight barbell).

Technique of execution Single Arm Neutral Preacher

Technique of execution Single Arm Neutral Preacher
Technique of execution Single Arm Neutral Preacher



Perhaps, one of the most uncomplicated and technically simple exercises. A step-by-step execution technique is as follows.

Step # 1.

Take the dumbbell in the hand with a neutral grip, when the thumb looks up at the ceiling. Sit on the Scott’s bench, leaning his chest on the bench and the hand lies on the bench lowered down. This is the starting position.

Step # 2.

Inhale, on exhalation, keeping the upper part of the hand motionless, abbreviation the biceps, bending the arm. Lift the dumbbells until the biceps muscle of the shoulder is completely abbreviation, bringing the dumbbell to about shoulder level. At the end point of the trajectory, hold up 2 sec. and statically shorten / compress the biceps.

Step # 3.

On inhalation slowly and under control, return the dumbbells to the starting position. Repeat the specified number of times. Then change your hand and perform all the actions with the other hand, keeping the technique.

Perform 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions for each hand, but you can not rest, because our hand rest while the second performs the exercise. If you decide to rest between the approaches, then do it no more than 20-30 seconds.

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